Interview with Frente Rojiblanco (CD Azuaga)

асуага– Tell us about your club (history, achievements, current situation, etc…).

– Azuaga is currently playing in Tercera Division (Spanish 4th division) and this is our ‘top’ achievement. We are not a ‘winner’ club. In fact, we only have two important trophies in our 100 years of history (yes, we are celebrating 100 years since football arrived to our town). Our team used to lose with major teams of our regions but things are changing in recent years. We got promoted 2 divisions in last seven years and come back to our current category, in which now we are one of the ‘top teams’ of the table.

We are trying to finish the season in top 4 in order to play for promotion to 2ªB (Spanish 3rd Division). We have never play for that. In fact, our biggest position was a 6th place so we are very excited with that possibility. It would be the first time our team plays outside of our region so… we are waiting for new horizons!

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b0– For many ultras the city is something special. What can you tell us about your city?

– First, we are not speaking about a city. We live in a little town in the south-west of Spain. Our region, Extremadura, is one of the poorest regions in Europe, and this affects us to our day-to-day. Azuaga’s population is around 8.000 – 9.000 inhabitants. You are probably thinking it’s a very little town, and you are true. But it’s also the biggest in the south-east of Extremadura.

It’s a really interesting place with a lot of history inside its streets. There are a lot of stories and tales about our castle, our parish church (the second biggest in the region) and many interesting places to visit. We also have an amazing legacy of our past: mining, Order of Santiago, and many more. We really recommend you to visit us if you are travelling nearby.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b01– Tell us more about Frente Rojiblanco? How was born the idea for the creation of the group? What kind of people are members of the group?

– We started our activity in 2009. That year our team was in last division and got promoted after a fantastic season. It was the perfect climax for the creation of our group. We had some difficult years after that, but we keep the faith and started a slow but effective grown. We had our best moment in 2013-2014 season, just after our last promotion, and now we are growing again.

It’s really difficult for us to survive the day-to-day. Most of our members are students and many of them leave the town to join university. Each day it’s a new proof for our survivement, but we have already passed eight seasons so we think now we are a consolidated group (attending to our special circumstances).

асуага2– Are you the only firm in the stadium?

– Yes, our banner is the only one you can see in our stadium. It’s a little and humble team so it’s really difficult to find people who wants to support it. We would like to see more banners (for example from normal fans groups) but now we are the only focus of noisy support in Azuaga.

– Do you have any friendships? What are your enemies?

– We are in brotherhood with Frente Azul, a group bornt in 1998 who supports CD Zafra, another team of our division. It’s a strong relationship and almost each sunday there are people from them in our stand and people from Azuaga there. We also have good relationship with people from another antifa groups, but nothing official.

We prefer to use ‘rival’ instead of ‘enemy’. Our biggest rival is Llerena, the other ‘big town’ in our zone. They are one division below us so things are now a little bit frozen but last time we met in competition, the match was discontinuided at halft time. Llerena had a supporters group that time, but now they don’t have supporting focus so a derby would be boring.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b07– Do you travel on away games and how?

– Home matches are not enough for us so… why not go out of our town? We try to attend EVERY match of Azuaga: league, friendlies… but it’s not always possible. You know we have a different situation due to our idiosyncrasy. By the way, we attend most of the match, home or away, and for that ones we use to travel by car or by bus, it depends on the number of guys who are making the trip.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b02– What kind of performances you prepare for games?

– We are not a big group so it’s impossible for us to make big perfomances (we have not money enough neither people for that hahaha!!) but we really like to surprise our players with tifos, new flags and a lot of perfomances that you can see in the photos that we have attatched.

– Do you use pyro? Is it allowed?

– Pyro is not allowed in Spain terraces but there is less control in lowest divisions so sometimes we can make pyroshows with flares and smokebombs. We made a big one in a training, when we celebrated our 5th anniversary.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b09– Is your group influenced by other scenes? How can you describe your style?

– We got influence from many scenes. We don’t have preference for anyone, we prefer to take the interesting thing from each one. We like Argentinian songs, Italian style… We have not created anything, but we are not the same as others.

– How does the life in your group looks like in the football-free time? Do you have any locations where you meet?

– Yes we have a ‘fan club’ since four years ago. It’s a little but cozy place that we have customized over years. We spent almost 24h there, and it’s also a meeting point for young people next to us. It’s open on Sunday for prematch and also after the game. It’s open all weekend and also from monday to friday. It would be true to say that it’s our second house.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b05– What are your relations with the board of the club?

– It depends. They have their particular view of how to manage the club and we have another one. Sometimes we are agree and we can work together, and sometimes we argue. This boards take the control two years ago. At first they asked us for help and we bring it, but we started a boycott one year ago when they signed a player who blamed our team in the past. Now we have recovered relationships and we are trying to work together in order to organize a great celebration of our 100 years.

– What are your political views?

– It’s easy: we are antifa and antira. If you have problems with people that is different from you, don’t come to our terrace or our fan club. You are not welcome. These are our principles and… sorry, we don’t have others. At our terrace you can find people who supports a change to Spanish Republic, there are communist, anarchists… and there are also people who don’t care about politics. But you are never going to find a fascist or racist.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b03– Do you take part in any social activities?

– Of course. We try to organise social activities each one or two months. But we also take part in events organised by other collectives. We have take part in food collection, also in clothes collection for Donbass, conferences about feminism, the Ukranian war, and many more. We also organise each year an antifa meeting involving the three antifa groups of our region.

– Have you got your own fanzine? Do you draw graffiti?

– Our fanzine is called ‘Descontrolaos’. It means ‘uncontrolled’. It’s published each month and use to have around 20-24 pages. You can find a lot of themes inside: our team news, interviews to players or other groups, terraces news, politics views, musical recommendations… We think it’s a really good cultural product!

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b06– What is the situation regarding the law and repression? Have you got such problems?

– As you probably know, there is a very repressive law in Spain. You can got a fine of €3.000 and 6 months without join stadiums for blame a player or €60.000 and five years without join stadium for fight or pyro. It’s different in lower categories, because police has less information about that law, but sometimes we have problems due to pyro basically.

– Is your group violent? Are there hooligans among you?

Hooligan scene in Spain doesn’t exist except in two or three cities. There are only ultras in the rest of the country. And yes. we consider ourselves an ultra group.

асуага4– How can you characterize the Spanish ultra scene in terms of policy? Is there a certain dominance in the stands?

– Our scene is marked by a deep social division. Spain is divided between people who thinks our current system is a continuation (with some differences) of the Franco’s dictatorship, and people who don’t think that. There are also a lot of sovereign movements in Galiza, Basque Country, Catalonia…

In this context it’s impossible to think there is no influence of policity in our stands. There are groups who have forbidden to show policy banners. Ok, it’s their group and they decide. But that groups are always full of right-wing people. There are also left-wing guys, for sure, but they are plenty of the opposite.

– What are your thoughts about the scene in Europe?

– We prefer not to judge anyone and concentrate on ourselves. We like things from other groups and scenes, and we also don’t like other things. But we respect the freedom of each group to walk their own way.

асуага6– Do you know anything about the Bulgarian fan scene?

– Actually, not too much. Sometimes we can see photos and videos in social media, but it’s not easy to get in contact with your scene.

– What are your future plans?

– We would like to continue growing. Slowly in the correct way, like we are doing now.

%d0%b0%d1%81%d1%83%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%b011– Last words.

– Thanks for the interview and congratulations for the blog. Long life to antifa ultras everywhere in the world!

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